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William Seldeen, Esq.

Experienced Litigator

With over 10 years in litigation practice, I have advocated on behalf of Fortune 500 clients through all stages civil disputes. My career started at an AmLaw 100 law firm, earning recognition for the all-round contributions I made as a senior level associate in complex and contentious bet-the-business cases. I now help select solo practioners, law firms and corporate legal departments in need of short term or immediate legal support, developing strong personal relationships as I become a valuable legal resource.


Dependable Experience

You Want the Best

Sometimes you can't do it all yourself. When it's time to delegate, you want to know that the job is assigned to one of the best contract law attorneys available. I will handle each assignment with the same dedication, attention and commitment that you would give, and provide high quality work product timely, consistently and economically.



Skills and Practice Areas

Comprehensive litigation skills honed in wide ranging practice areas, including antitrust, intellectual property, contracts, false advertising, defamation, unfair competition, public utility law, insurance, privacy, product liability, CEQA, nuisance, negligence, §17200, class actions, and administrative law. I practice in both state and federal courts and regulatory agencies, as well as overseas. My cases involved many industries, including airlines, advertising, utilities, pharmaceuticals, trucking, railroads, consumer goods, mining, after-market manufacturing, medical practice, leasing and more.



On Demand

Your business is growing faster than you anticipated, a key employee is temporarily unavailable, or you simply need help researching an issue - I provide immediate resources without the cost or commitment of hiring a permanent employee (not to mention the delay of vetting an unknown candidate). If surprised by a tight deadline, expedited turn around is available. But the best time to start is now - before you need additional help. You will sleep easier knowing that you have a dependable colleague in the waiting when the time comes.



Seamless Integration

The job of a successful contract attorney is ensuring the case goes smoothly - no surprises, hiccups or disappointments along the way. It also means that the hiring, management and administration on your part is as effortless as can be. I offer flexible services adapted to the needs of the client - whether working independently or part of a team, focusing on specific assigned tasks or taking the lead role in a case. At your option, I can work on-site or remotely, using my own resources and equipment. Of course, daily client-ready time sheets are provided to aid billing your clients.

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