Contract Negotiation

There are two times when businesses think about contracts: then they enter them and when they operate under them.  We help with both.

Whether you are negotiating a software license or an extension to an employment agreement, contracting can be difficult.  Before your company place your signature on the dotted line, you’ll have to navigate a number of critical steps.  This includes developing a clear idea of what your goals, negotiation strategy and bottom line are; sitting down at the proverbial table with the other “parties” to reach an understanding of the key terms; and drafting a final written document that captures the parties’ mutual understanding in unambiguous language.  Each step of the way brings new challenges, risks and opportunities.

Our experience will help you reach agreements that advance your goals and protects your expectations.  As negotiations unfold, we with subject matter experts and key personnel to build a team focused on the best interests of the company.  Along the way, we will prioritize making sure that the ultimate decision makers understand the risks and obligations.  And when it looks like negotiations have come to an impasse, we have found creative ways to move forward by understanding what matters most to your organization.  And having litigated too many poorly drafted contracts, we will avoid the drafting problems that too often lead to unnecessary litigation or worse, unenforceable agreements.

Your company will also benefit from our knowledge of interpreting and enforcing contracts in state and federal courts.  Our attorneys will carefully advise you in plain English about the probable consequences of certain actions you may be considering or how to deal with a potential breach by our counter party.  You will have peace of mind in our extensive experience resolving disputes informally, and when the time comes, we will take a no-nonsense approach to vigorously pursue your firm’s interests in the courtroom.