Asset Recovery

Businesses and individuals lose millions of dollars every year due to the failure of the holder of the money to return it to the rightful owner.  Under law, the holder is required to deposit the money with the state of California.  The Seldeen Law Group helps businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and professionals recovery money, securities and other types of properties that belongs to them.

Here are a few reasons to choose the Seldeen Law Group:

  • No Risk. If there is no recovery, there’s no fee.  Our compensation comes out of the recovered property and you pay nothing out of pocket.
  • Convenience. You have limited time, busy schedules and enough on your plate.  Let us handle the details; you simply answer a couple emails.  You (and your employees) can stay focused on core responsibilities.
  • Experience.  The claim process is complicated and seems designed to make it as difficult as possible for owners to recover their property.  We will save you the hassle – and you don’t have to worry about mistakes that lead to delays and denials of claims.
  • Cost Effective. It does not make sense to invest in developing your own in-house property recovery team, particularly when this is likely to be a one-time profit center.
  • Maximum Recovery. Private owners often can’t find all properties to which they may be entitled and do not have access to the resources we do; doing it yourself could mean leaving money on the table.
  • Dedication, Professional & Personable. We are committed to helping customers recover the property that belongs to them.  It is our passion.  While owners begin enthusiastically, they often lose interest or become frustrated with the red tape.
  • Members of the Bar. You will be working with professionals who are attorneys and their staff.  Most property investigators are not attorneys, and are at a disadvantage when negotiating with the California Controller’s office.
  • Ongoing Protection. We will continue to monitor unclaimed property belonging to our customers at no charge and will notify you if properties are located.  You don’t need to squander your time or resources, or dedicate employees to this responsibility in the future.
  • Fairness. We believe in rewarding hard work, and our customers do to.  We are private individuals and not affiliated with, or paid by, the state of California.  In other words, we are not compensated for the time and expense of searching for properties and locating you to bring these properties to your attention.  Usually, these properties have been held for years, and chances are they would continue to be held by the state indefinitely.

However, the most important reason to work with us is that we want to build a long-term relationship with you.  Other property investigators have nothing else to offer their customers, so they have no incentive to make a lasting impression.  But we are different.  We are a transactional and litigation firm that represents individuals and small and mid-sized businesses in a wide range of matters.  We provide the same level of dedication, professional service and effectiveness to our clients as we do when we help property owners.  For us, this is an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and we hope that when you see what we can do for you, you will consider the Seldeen Law Group among your options should you need legal representation in the future.

Contact us now to request a Property Investigation Report for an individual or a business, organization or government agency at no cost.