Free Sample Pleadings, Documents and Legal Forms


Some consumers find it cost effective to prepare simple legal documents themselves and have an attorney review the final product.  This works best when dealing with routine legal matters.  For complex issues, it is generally better to consult a qualified attorney early on, and if appropriate, allow him or her to draft the document.  In fact, providing a already-drafted document on a complex issue to an attorney for review might be more costly for a number of reasons, including that you do not gain the advantage of the attorneys experience and efficiency, and there will often be confusion about what provisions have been included because they client believed them to be important, verses provision that by default were included in the form.

The websites listed below offer free, sample and low cost legal forms.  If you are an attorney using these forms, always research the applicable substantive and procedural law yourself before using any document that you did not create yourself.  Non-attorneys are advised to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in the particular field to review a legal document that was self-prepared.

Document Websites

  • LawDepot Download a customized legal document in 5-10 minutes for FREE.
  • RocketLawyer Trial membership comes with one free legal document from their document library created and reviewed by lawyers and legal professionals.
  • Find Legal Forms Legal forms drafted by lawyers, samples available and money back guarantee.  Also offers a free eSignature service.
  • Legal Zoom Industry leader in online legal forms and documents.  Not much to add.
  • Clio A useful cloud-based, law practice management system.  This is not a document depository.